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Why make them wait and risk buying elsewhere?  Enable mobile online ordering with Entrevi today.

online ordering

Fully configurable to make it easy for customers to buy even the most complex products.  …”half-caf, triple, venti, half-sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato”

limited quantity items

limited time items

bonus points for special items

redeem points and offers within orders

Easy for staff

  • Recieve notifications by app, text, email, and/or fax
  • See/fulfill orders on a dedicated tablet, on the web, and/or within your existing POS
  • Includes KDS (Kitchen Display Board) tablet app
  • Tipping encourged in order flow

Increase customer satisfaction and Sales

  • skip the line
  • get lunch pre-orders
  • coffee without the wait
  • easier delivery orders
  • order while waiting for a table
  • add to an order while dining – extend servers’ reach
  • unlimited orders for just $79/month

You're In full control

  • Create unlimited menus/catalogs
  • Set dates and times of any menu/catalog
  • Limit quantity and times of select items
  • Offer bonus points on select items.
  • Split revenue with delivery or other partners
  • Set detailede delivery maps and fees


Order Demo

121 Grill Online Ordering Demo

To complete the demo purchase, use a this demo Visa # 4111 1111 1111 1111 exp 01/20, CCV 123

Offer online ordering to increase sales and customer Satisfaction

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