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Entrevi Connect

custom subscriber engagement for service providers and their retail partner networks

Entrevi Connect is a SaaS-based “pay-as-you-grow” platform for service providers of any size to quickly build and easily maintain a variety of integrated mobile customer engagement and commerce services in partnership with their retail networks.  Entrevi-powered services increase customer loyalty for the service provider and partner retailers, cut marketing costs, and strengthen strategic alliances.

September 5, 2016

Chilimobil, Norway’s largest MVNO, launches its Chili Plus rewards program with more than 500 retail partners.

powered by Entrevi Connect™

see the press release here 

Lars Ryen Mill
CEO – Chili Mobil

“We are certain that this will benefit retailers, as well as our customers.”

…This renews the industry, and proves that innovation is not reserved for the giants. As a smaller competitor, we can turn around more easily, and the benefit of this is shown here.”

Ken Pawlak
CEO – Entrevi Solutions

“We developed the Entrevi Connect™ platform to make it simple for mobile operators of any size to build highly engaging, branded loyalty and marketing programs in close collaboration with their retail channel partners.”

Service Provider Benefits

Reduces churn, rebate costs, and other SAC drivers

Differentiates services with tiered retail product offers

Differentiates services with sponsored data offers

Attracts new subscribers with integrated games and social marketing

Monetizes mountains of big data with targeted promotion and loyalty experiences

Retail Partner Benefits

Leverages operator subscriber base to drive in-store traffic

Enable cross-selling of featured products

Enables partnering on big brand CPG product promotions

Strengthens loyalty

Leverages operator’s location patterns insights

Are you interested in improving service provider results by working better with your retail partners?

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