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Customers Like sending eGift Cards

let them buy your egift cards to send to colleagues, friends, and family

eGift Cards

eGift cards are easy last-minute gifts that customers love to buy and to receive.

improve cash flow

builds loyatly

add bonus points incentives

use in-store or for online orders

Easy for staff

  • Customer or staff activate card value automatically adding it to the customer’s prepaid mobile wallet balance.
  • Customers can pay in-store or online with the prepaid balance.
  • Customers can see easily check the balance of their redeed cards online and in your mobile app.

Increase Sales and loyalty

  • Amazon and others have trained customers to love egift cards
  • Prepaid gift cards are great for cash flow, directly build loyalty, and attract new customers.
  • Entrevi-powerd egift cards are included with most of our Via 121 loyalty marketing plans.

You're In full control

  • Create unlimited egift cards for every occasion
  • limit quanitiy and time of special offer gift cards
  • Build your brand
  • Print cards without value and sell, add value in-store
  • Print cards wiht value and treat like cash, selling or giving as needed


eGift Card Demo

121 eGift Card Demo

To complete the demo purchase, use a this demo Visa # 4111 1111 1111 1111 exp 01/20, CCV 123

Offer egift cards to increase sales and attract new customers

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