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Our team of highly skilled developers have built custom globally-scaled systems for the largest companies and turnkey systems for small local businesses

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Job 1 is delivering unmatched value and innovation for our clients.

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We love to solve client problems and in doing so enrich the Entrevi platform to enable unmatched creative marketing campaigns and programs

Our Story

2012 – Via 121™ Loyalty Marketing Platform: Entrevi Solutions™ launched its first product in 2012 with the Via 121™, a cloud-based, turnkey loyalty marketing system for small retail businesses in the US. At the time the name of the company was Via 121, Inc.

  • 2017/18 – APIs – Flexibile Platform For Any Size Client 100% 100%
  • 2016 – Commerce Services & Game Campigns – Inplaygo 70% 70%
  • 2014 – Hotel Loyalty Systems – Instaygo 50% 50%
  • 2012 – Small Business Loyalty Systems – Via 121 20% 20%

Coffee shops, bakeries, retail shops, and quick service to full service restaurants were our first clients. Word spread of the power and flexibility of the white-labeled Via 121 platform, that unlike highly funded competitors allowed clients to maintain full brand control of their brand and data not need to participate in a third party’s reward program.

2014 – Instaygo™ Hotel Guest Engagement and Online Ordering: Hotels in Malaysia contacted Entrevi to do custom extensions to the Via 121 platform funding Entrevi to bring innovation to the hospitality industry. The result is the Via 121 Instaygo™ product, first launched in 2014. Instaygo combines a turn-key internationalized while-labeled hotel loyalty marketing system with custom mobile app and fully-configurable guest ordering services including pre-check-in rewards, room service, maintenance requests, concierge services, and split-commission delivery from local hotel partners. 

2016 – Commerce Services – Vouchers and Surveys:  By 2016 Entrevi had expanded its online ordering commerce features adding single-use incentive-driven vouchers and surveys with survey-data remarketing. Entrevi-powered vouchers allow clients to run their own Groupon-type offers at much lower costs, and to run instant limited-time offers to convert moments of high customer engagement into prepaid sales. Entrevi vouchers are also very simple for staff as each can be configured so that customers simply show their phone to the staff to redeem. Entrevi surveys enable clients to weave in simple or detailed questions into purchase, game and loyalty experiences greatly enriching customer profiles. Clients can then easily use their survey data to send highly targeted remarketing campaigns based on survey responses and/or combined with other Entrevi-powered data collected through game, commerce, and loyalty experiences.

2016 – Inplaygo™ Competitive Game Campaigns:  By 2016 Entrevi also added an industry-first new customer engagement game campaign feature called Inplaygo™.  In the first version of Inplaygo, clients ran simple instant-winner campaigns where a player shakes their phone to win a prize. Client’s typically set high-probability prizes as discounts or bonus points.  Clients can set any prize to instant-redeem, or “bounce-back” where the winner can only redeem the prize at a later date. Each prize in a campaign can be limited in number so that when the maximum number of higher-value prizes is won, the Entrevi system automatically stops awarding that prize and reallocates the win probabilities of the other prizes. Later in 2016 Entrevi added competitive game campaigns with programable ad slots, leader board, interplay messaging, and integrated vouchers and surveys.  In a competitive game campaign, players win points each time they play to compete for the highest points in a campaign to win grad prizes. Player typically play many times. ON each play the they see their rank, see a client-set ad (static of animated), and can see either a voucher Buy-Now offer or a reward-driven survey.  In between plays, the system can send programmatic messages by app, text and/or email letting the play know when they can play again, what their game rank is, and if they have any related offers. In short, Inplaygo is a very compelling marketing tool to attract new customers (used as a call to action to online ads) and to engage existing or fading customers.

2017 – 2018 –  APIs and Entrevi Connect™:  In 2016 the growing capabilities of the flexible Entrevi platform prompted a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Norway to inquire if Entrevi could be opened up with APIs and used as integrated components with existing systems.  Entrevi followed through and soon launched Entrevi Connect(tm) and API-driven service for Chili Mobil, branded as Chili+. Entrevi provided APIs that maid it easy and powerful in integrate to the MVNO BSS (Billing Support System) and to the POS systems of their 500 retail store distribution partners (7-11, Shell, and Narvesen).  With more open APIs, Entrevi Connect can now be used more easily by large companies that want to integrate specific Entrevi platform features to their exiting loyalty system, online ordering system, POS, PMS, BSS, digital advertising platform, and/or digital display advertising system.